Why Choose Accutype

ACCUTYPE professionals strive for a degree of excellence that absolutely sets us apart from the competition.  Our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program, which is part of The American Association for Medical Transcription Book of Style, is designed to give you the highest degree of confidence that your work is of the utmost quality.  In addition to the CQI process, your work is electronically reconciled daily to provide assurance that all of your transcription is accounted for.

How It Works

One Doctor – One Transcriptionist

Unlike other transcription services, ACCUTYPE assigns each of your physicians their own “personal” transcriptionist. Then the ACCUTYPE system automatically routes dictation files to the assigned transcriptionist for completion. This unique method creates the ideal environment for our transcriptionists to become familiar with your physicians, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in your completed documents.

ACCUTYPE assigns transcription staff to your physicians based on extensive criteria.  Our transcriptionists must have at least 3 years of experience working in the specialty field of the physicians they serve.

“This unique method creates the ideal environment for our transcriptionists to become familiar with your physicians…

ACCUTYPE goes the “extra mile” by considering less obvious factors, such as the transcriptionist’s ability to understand foreign & regional accents. Keeping complete & up-to-date information on our transcription staff enables ACCUTYPE to match each of your physicians with the transcriptionist that is most qualified to handle their needs.

Dictation Options

Telephone Dictation – For your medical professionals that prefer to dictate using the telephone, ACCUTYPE’s toll free dictation line provides a simple solution.  Just phone in and follow the keypad prompts.

Digital Hand-Held Dictation – ACCUTYPE recommends the Olympus line of digital dictation devices.  We provide you with software that makes uploading dictation to ACCUTYPE as easy as plugging in a hair dryer.

“Digital hand-held device…Telephone…In-house system…The choice is yours!”

In-House Systems – Do you already have dictation equipment?  Not a problem.  ACCUTYPE works with most in-house dictation systems.  And if we don’t already have an interface to your EHR system, we can create one.

Receiving Documents

“Which Option is Best for You?”

MyView – MyView is ACCUTYPE’s proprietary transcription system.  Simply access our secure application from any computer to view, edit, sign and approve your completed transcription.  Once approved, your documents can be printed, faxed, and/or merged into an EHR system. MyView even gives you the ability to listen to the original dictation!  And all of your completed transcription is permanently archived.  Click here to request a demo.

“Printed, Faxed, Direct Download, or EHR Feed. Which option is best for you?”

Direct Import to Electronic Health Record – For more information on this delivery option, please see the EHR Integration section of our web site.

Document Download Manager – If you prefer a more direct method of receiving completed documents and do not require the advanced features of MyView, Document Download Manager is a simple solution that allows you to download transcribed documents, directly from our data center to your desktop, then edit using your own word processor.

Turn Around Time

Fast and Reliable

We work to complete your documents on your schedule, not ours.  A key component of our service promise is being able to deliver documents quickly, without compromising quality.

Our standard turn around time is 24 hours.  STAT turnaround in four hours is available upon request, and we can even turn-around your transcription immediately if needed.

Implementation Process

We Make Implementation Easy

Changing your transcription process can have a significant impact on both day-to-day operations and staff.  A successful implementation requires training, a support plan, an easy to use system, and outstanding service from your transcription partner.  ACCUTYPE has developed an approach to make the transition a positive experience for all involved.  There are no fees or charges for implementation, it’s part of our total customer care process.  We have been through the process hundreds of times, and we will make sure it is as painless as possible.  The basics of our approach are:

1.    Define requirements
2.    Determine workflow preferences
3.    Understand expectations and establish performance metrics
4.    Configuration of the ACCUTYPE platform
5.    Training
6.    Go live

A key element to our approach is that we will test, interview, and contract with your in-house transcriptionists.  Their familiarity with your dictators eases the transition and maintains continuity for your medical professionals.