Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

SpeechMD is a web-based solution that converts speech to text within seconds.  Use your voice to chart data directly into your EMR, navigate between screens, or populate template forms – in a fraction of the time it takes to type.

Designed and priced to support a diverse user base including doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs, OTs, case managers, and call center staff.  It supports a variety of workflow settings such as ambulatory clinics, home and hospice care, behavioral health, skilled nursing, acute care, dentistry and many more.

Why Use SpeechMD

Increase Quality, Speed and Accuracy of Data Entry – SpeechMD supports improved consistency, accuracy and overall quality of clinical documentation.  It helps reduce errors and enter data at three to four times the speed of typing, on average.

Improve Workflow Efficiency – SpeechMD operates in harmony with virtually any business application, creating endless ways to make information flow more efficient.  No system integration is required.

Increase Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Adoption – Overcome resistance to EMR deployment by minimizing the need for keyboard skills.  Works with virtually any EMR without IT intervention.

Overall Cost Savings – Until now, speech recognition has been a premium offering limited to a select group of physicians.  With flexible, low-cost subscription pricing, SpeechMD is designed to be affordable for the entire health care community.

What you Don’t get with SpeechMD

  • What you don’t get is the pain of hours spent at your computer installing software and training a new system and you don’t have to register devices you plan to use.
  • What you don’t get is limited access to devices – as long as you have access to the internet, you’re set.
  • What you don’t get is a system so complicated it barely seems worth learning.
  • What you don’t get is the risk of an upfront investment that won’t pay off.

Use SpeechMD to Improve Workflow

  • Simplify EMR Charting – Speak patient histories, SOAP notes, and other entries directly
  • Streamline Template Date Entry – Navigate and populate information using voice instead of keystrokes
  • Support Patient Hand-offs – Capture notes and observation to share with colleagues
  • Customize and Localize Vocabulary – Tailor acronyms and taxonomies for individual organization preferences
  • Increase Patient Contact – Less time spent documenting means more time with patients